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The ideal infrastructure for a successful school

Running a school and organising children is rarely straightforward – and never easy – which is why at Wauton Samuel we make sure that whether you are tracking finance, managing your dinners and attendance or planning your class changes and transfers for the new year, the task is as simple as possible for you.

As the only provider in London that specialises in primary and nursery schools in you can be sure that your school will have software built specifically for the challenges you face on a daily basis.  Furthermore, all of our software is developed for each individual Local Authority meaning it will fit seamlessly into your existing set-up.

While our software is reliable and incredibly easy to use, it’s our award-winning support team that really makes us the obvious choice to supply your Pupil Admin, Finance and Workforce Software.  We answer your calls in an average of 5.6 seconds and over 90% of issues are resolved on that first call. 

It means that should you have a query about our software, or appear to have a issue, then you can be sure that it’s very likely you’ll receive effective help very quickly.  It means you can get on with running your school.

"99% of customers rate our support as Excellent, Very Good or Good and 100% would recommend our products and services to another school"
Wauton Samuel Client Survey 2013